Wednesday, 24 June 2009


There is something sweet about completion.

What a lovely feeling. A bit like 'ooooooo-typhoooo-kick-your-shoes-off-flumph-on-the-couch-chillaxin-breath-in-breath-out-nameste' sort of a feeling. Oh you know what I mean! (?)

Since we moved in, a month before Miss B was born, the grown up B's bedroom has been a bit of a sore spot with Mrs B. It never seemed finished or complete or really, well quite there. So this is my next task for completion....but there in lies a tale.

This lovely little 1930's chest of drawers was purchased for the bargain price tag of £10.50. It was already painted this simply perfect colour (clever people...I am still going to wall paper insides of drawers so there is a little crafty fun still to be had out of it!)

This vintage suitcase from the local charity shop, where pretty much anything is, inexplicably, £1.50. Love it, it makes me smile everytime I look over.

Chaise longue bought by the eponymous MrB, for my 30th birthday. I have new yummcious fabric on its way, as I never really got on with this one, hence its unfinished state. It just wasn't love....

Homemade pillow cases

Fresh flowers
Homemade head board
And this will make you laugh!

I am like the princess and the pea. Except I ain't no princess (I couldn't feel a bowling ball under the mattress....nothing comes between me and sleep!) We sleep on two mattresses because there is nowhere to store the spare one, which belongs on the push away bed in Miss B's tiny room! However I love it! I love literally climbing into a towering bed.....maybe I will get a little ladder?! It gives a great view out the old sash windows.
Does anyone else thank the cosmos, for allowing them to reside, even like myself temporarily in a house with sash windows. I would be beside myself if I had been fated to live in a house that had those lovely old shutters too!!
Ikea chandelier....hee hee. One day I will tell my children some fantastical story about its origin, that will make its way through and down the generations, until someone ends up taking it to the antiques road show.....on Mars.....and be told no it is a rubbish Ikea chandelier! Arrrrrrrrrrr exaggeration, merely a flight of poetic fancy!

So the tale! Well every time, I have felt, I have completed our bedroom we have had to move house. Twice while heavily pregnant (two weeks away from Master B's birth and a month away from Miss B). SO, you see I can't actually complete this room......ever! I will have to decide on something and leave it incomplete, until I rob the bank that will allow me to buy, own it, pull up its hideous blue carpet and stay here till I am old, a little mad and have an enormous, extended family to feed and aggravate!



nickynackynoo said...

OMG, I'm sure that's our old family suitcase! I remember the clasps and straps distinctly! Love the bed - nothing, but nothing, better than a comfy bed (do you have one of those feather mattress topper thingies?.....bliss!)

Menopausal musing said...

You OWN a CHAISE LONGUE.....??!!?? Just how lucky are you, girl? I have always lusted after a chaise longue, so that I could put my hand to my fevered brow and feign "consumption". . . (Okay, it sounded romantic/melodramatic in novels). Looking forward to a post about the little lady's teddy bear picnic. :O) x

Mrs B said...

Niicky! Good Lord I wish!! No just two hand me down mattresses!

Arrrrrrrrr the chaise longue was lusted after for many a year and then finally a bargain was had on ebay and delivered for free by two lovely fellas from Liverpool!! actually sounds a bit dodgy doesn't it? not in great nick so it is still in process of being recovered kack handedly by yours truly!!! So looking forward to sundays baby party!! I always think one year old parties are for mummy and daddy for surviving and not making too awful errors! xx

LissyLou said...

Thanks for showing us your lovely lovely things x

meplusmolly said...

Oooo some lovely furniture you!

We are in desperate need of a new mattress but for now we have to suffer whilst saving the pennies to get a decent one!

I bet your chaise longue will look fabulous when you've finished, kack handed or not!! what fabric are you covering it with?
(I have the book on your side table to read still)

The invites look fab! And yes there's a great satisfaction in the 'finished' item, the party I'm sure will be lovely, have fun! ;0 Xx

MelMel said...

I hope you do get the house of your dreams, sounds just like the one I have in mind for myself!
Sash windows are so great!!!!

Considering that your home is on "loan" it wonderfully put together...your very clever at making it look like its totally yours!


Mrs B said...

mel thats so sweet! I am terrible, I do disregard all rules regarding hanging of items on walls (gallery in dining room and wall paper hangings in bed room) and have to be prevented on a regular basis by Mr B, from ripping up hideous blue carpet!!

Arrrrrrr kirsty! lovely as always!! All my furniture is ebayed! Mrb and I were discussing it over breakfast this morning, in total we reckon the furniture we own comes to no more than a grand, if that! love love love ebay and thrifty finds and hand me downs! x

meplusmolly said...

me again!
would you drop me an email? I've a couple of things I'd like to send you! ;0 x

Mrs B said...

ooooooooooo I love the sounds of that!!! What a proposition to come home to! x

PS does anyone think denim shorts on a thirty year old, mother of two is inappropriate???

That Crafty Fish! said...

I have slept in that room - in that house - with those children! Dreamily beautiful x

Mrs B said...

come back and dream here soon x

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