Wednesday, 20 May 2009


You all know that feeling: revising; knowing there is a pile of ironing; putting off paying that red bill; avoiding the urgent phone call....!

If in doubt procrastinate!

In this case though, even procrastination seems fool hardy! The mountain to climb is so enormous, that to turn your back on it, for even the briefest of respites, would not only mean no progress, but a great big slide back down the hillock you had just scrambled up! (Am I getting a bit metaphorically carried away?!)

However, my marking has to be overmarked and this has given me three anxiety- guilt- red pen - grammar free days to fill with lovelier things! 

So I decided me and my lovely little mice deserved some quality time!

We started to make a new top for Chris Mouse over breakfast!

We went to the charity shop! This little lot - hazard a guess? £1.50! I love my local Save the Children!

We bought this from Aldi and planned a summer of delicious ice cream recipes!

I also picked up this fabby wool there too! Thinking a summer shrug?

And now it is pizza for tea!

Is it wrong that this makes me far happier than being all 'career-y'?


meplusmolly said...

No!!!!!!! how could it ever be wrong??!!
great purchases at the charity shop! ;0 x

Rhiannon said...

Fab purchases - and as for sparkly wool in Aldois, I'm going to drop in on my way home tomorrow and have a mooch (although maybe I won't get an ice cream maker given my freezer is nearly dead-ed)


MelMel said...


Yummy pizza!!!!!!!!

Aldi is fab, such bargains!

Save the children is one of my faves too.....I think they have the best prices resonable...unlike some CS that really bump up the prices....:>((

Anyway thought I'd just pop by, waiting for Olly to come home from Suffolk....
Been keeping myself busy playing with my wonderful bargain CK fabric I got today from Longsight market!

Mrs B said...

Mel! I have missed you! how have you been? ck fabric on longsight market? that is fantastic!! I love love love a bargain! xxx

Kirsty!! I know, but sometimes, just sometimes I feel that I should be out there being pushy and stressed and power driven....blah, blah, blah...but maybe that is sooooooooooooooo 90's??

Rhiannon! Aldis is just German for 'bargainous'!


Menopausal musing said...

Chris Mouse for Prime Minister!! ha! Ha! Get making that ice cream, and enjoy the time away from exam papers. x

Mrs B said...

your so right I am off to look at your lovely recipe!! x

Mrs B said...

your right....again!! Chris Mouse does look quite ministerial!! Mr B and I were laughing at that picture we couldn't decide whether he was trying to look dignified in his nakedness, or was just plain hacked off and thought he had a perfectly decent shirt anyway, thankyou very much!! hahahahahaha!! xx

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Procrastination is the way forward. Seriously.
Well no not really.
At the moment I have a pile of work to do, loads of washing and supper to plan but bah! surfing the net and watching crap on telly suits me better right now.

Oh and I agree pizza making is muuuuuch better (for some of us) than the career lark.

MelMel said...


Missed you all too!
I do hope you got all that work done?

Good luck with it!

Devon said...

haha, i think i should win awards for procastinating, seriously you should see my house!! i think bomb went off in it, im pretty sure it was marc and the doggies. sneakly conspiring together! i could do something about it but, have spent the evening deciphering a knitting pattern and on the computer. opps! loving chris the mouse and i think he looks hacked off for being left naked for all the world to see!

Bobo Bun said...

It's just so lovely to enjoy being a mummy really. To do a bit of glue and glitter and baking - not bad for one day really. I know if there was enough money to make the world go round I would just do worky things (craft stuff) for fun not because I had to. Like you been looking at alternatives and yippee when time off from it. Bet you enjoyed more because it felt like stolen time. Don't think it's wrong though.

Lisa x

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