Saturday, 16 May 2009

Adjectives, Adverbials, Embedded Clauses, Modals and Misery!

I, like a complete buffoon, it turns out, have decided to mark exam papers!

Oh Lordy!

Todays very long, stressful, brain schmooshing training day has just given me at least a months worth of nightmares, that will mainly involve raging headteachers, wrenching my cold, cold red marking pen from my frozen markers claw and remarking their papers, while forcing me take grammar lessons with my much feared Year 3 teacher (Mum you know who this is...I actually had to be moved class)!!!!

Sorry, got a wee bit carried away!

I have to think of the cash!!! I have promised myself a Cath Kidston weekend bag(Mrs B giggles with girlish glee), if I survive!

I have to say, I will be slightly more incognito in the next month. However, I will try and re surface every so often to take a fresh breath of crafty air.

To take the edge off all that grammar, here is some things off my 'I Heart' list, that I wanted to share with you earlier this week (you see you are always in my thoughts!!)

Little Dolly DayDream, who will be on her way to the Folksy June!!

Half and favourite popcorn! This is my new Whirley popcorn pan, which was incredibly hard to source, at a decent price in UK! Totally inspired by my gorgeous Canadian friend! I adore it! It makes the best popcorn and loads of it! I urge you, ditch the microwave, this is the way popcorn would like you to eat it!

See you all very soon, I hope! I miss you!



Menopausal musing said...

Ooooh.... errrrrr! you must REALLY want one of those bags..:O) x

Rhiannon said...

moderation? you are very brave.... I couldn't do it!

As for the CK bag - totally warranted, and so pretty that its perfect for a getaway!


meplusmolly said...

Ooo bless you! Best of luck with the exam marking!
Fab bag though........;0

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Good luck you!
I am doing it too this year. I did it for the first time last year and was scared to the extreme but I promise it's not too bad. Promise.

Oh and drop me an email if you need any help or words of advice.

Mrs B said...

Thrifty Mrs that is so lovely!! Thankyou! I will do that! I am properly terrified! I feel like such a numb nut! x

Mrs B said...

Kirsty- youre too lovely! Thankyou! I love her, she reminds me so much of my little girl x

Devon said...

isn't that popcorn maker the best!!it truely does make the best popcorn. sweet and salty is my fav too!! if you put the sugar in with the popcorn and oil before it pops, you end with a more cinema style popcorn, but then you have to make two batches to get the salty sweet mix. Exam marking you are brave!!! but the ck bag will be totally worth it! my mothers day paycheck is being saved is order to get something lovely from miss kidston. our flights just got changed which is a really pain, so don't think we will be able to come the weekend we thought we would. just in the process of changing plans. we now arrive on fri june the 5th and return on the 19th. so hopefully we arrange something. anyway sorry this is comment section, got carried away!! can't wait to see you. miss you. love D xxxx

Mrs B said...

oh I can't wait to see you! Whenever is fine with us! I really just have to survive on very little sleep and keep surfing wikepedia to keep my woeful grammar up to scratch! I think it is revolting that we were not taught this stuff at school!

I just sling both salt and sugar into the oil. it works really well, like a salty caramel-y taste! Love love love it! Am having to go cold turkey for a few days as I am clearly addicted to popcorn......and asparagus! xxx

KirstyFish said...

that marking stuff is waaaay too grown up poppet x

Mrs B said...

I knooooooooooooooooow!! It makes me want to cry on so many levels! But I have no money and I WANT just a little luxury in my life! So a month of misery it is! xxxxx

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