Monday, 27 April 2009

Everyone Loves a Wedding x

I make no bones about it, I am an absolutely die hard, to the core, written through me like Blackpool rock, hopeless romantic.

I adore weddings in all their glory.

It matters not to me what form they come in, tiny and intimate, grand and glamorous, plain, flamboyant or even green (as you may have witnessed in the paper on Sunday).

The very idea that for a moment in time two completely sane (or otherwise in the green case) want to share everything about themselves for all eternity with one other person, just knocks me sideways every time I witness it.

It is sweet, it is loving, it is selfless and almost child like in its hopeful optimism.




vintage style dining



men allowed to revel in all their secret stashed away charm and good looks!


love and lots and lots of dancing.

oh and as the Big Man would!

It seems to me, that no matter how many come and go over the years, every time it leaves us all feeling more connected to people we love, a little warmer in our souls, a bit more able to believe in something we can't see, predict or tie down. Love is indeed an ever changing thing.

Mr B x


Rhiannon said...

What gorgeous photos :D
ANd might I add one of the most beautiful looking dresses I have ever seen. That shade of blue just shouts "look at me! I'm gorgeous" (as indeed you are)


KirstyFish said...

did you write this post MR????? x

Mrs B said...

nooooooooo that was just a wee kiss for mr b from me!! x

Mrs B said...

rhiannon, thats so lovely!! as my m-i-l hilariously put it, legs and no just got away with it (I hope?!) x

Menopausal musing said...

Posts like this leave so many questions I want to ask.......... absolutely beautifully written and photos chosen soooo carefully. I'm with Rhiannon on the subject of that blue dress. x

Rhiannon said...

of course you got away with it!

I'll have to remember your m-i-l's description - seems to fit most of my clothes, so may pilfer it to describe why i wear what i wear to bemused on lookers :D


Mrs B said...

Cathy - ask away!!

Rhiannon - its one of those 'what would Audrey do' sort of decisions making processes, dressing up, isn't it? Would Audrey wear cobalt blue? Only if that is all, no bling. Would she wear a dress that showed that much leg if she were a 30 year old mother of two.....? only if she hid her bosom and wore tights!! xx

maggie said...

my boootiful daughter xxx

Menopausal musing said...

Silly questions like: do you take your photos is black and white, or do you "doctor" them later on the computer?..... did you have those shoes dyed specially, or were you lucky enough to find ones that matched your dress? What was that lovely graphic piece on the photo under the coffee cup, was it a huge wall decoration in a wedding venue somewhere? and last of all, where did you get the talent to refine your blog entries and photos so beautifully? (Told you they were silly questions! ;o))x

Mrs B said...

raaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrr they are great questions!!!!! hee hee!! Well the shoes there in lies a tale! I ordered ones on t'internet as they were the only ones that matched the show (till monday after wedding!!) found a pair in New Look on morning before wedding! The wall dec is listed, it is in the village hall where they had their reception! Just fab and sososososososo vintage chic, lurrrrrrve it! I doctor the ones that I think will look good in black and white, tho in oldie days I did use black and white film. But good bless digital thats what I say! It is more about creative eye now and less about technique (thank heavens! as I have none!!)

and 'refine'!! I don't know about that, but I am finding more and more with blogging that some days I want to really say a bit 'deep' or it can all get 'heres another cake I made, heres another shot of my children looking cute...etc etc'. Tho of course I can't help writing about that either! I love to take photos and this was the wedding of our best man and one of johnnys oldest friends (same group of friends who are in the bottom picture of our wedding) so it was heartfelt!

Phew longest comment ever!! (I do whitter!)


Menopausal musing said...

Thank you. Sometimes you sit and look at photos and wonder...... no need to this time! :O) x

Mrs B said...

mum!!! its all in the genes!! x

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