Thursday, 12 March 2009

Notes From a Sewing Machine...

I am pondering straight seams...

Yes straight seams!

If you relax, let the 'force' be with you and allow your machine to do the job it was designed to do, pretty much it will sew a straight seam. So I ask myself why, oh why, am I incapable of leaving it well alone. A little nudge here, a little tweak there and before you know it I have a seam that resembles a tiny little, drunken doodlebug's ramblings, across my fabric!

It would seem that this very simple sewing lays bare the ugly truth...

I am a control freak!

Oh Lordy!

Best eat warm banana bread and get over the revelation!

Some makings from the sewing 'cave' this week!

Thrifted joy!

P.S. Happy, happy birthday Crafty Little Fish x


meplusmolly said...

Looking good! especially love the pin cushion tea cup, v sweet ;0

Lynsey said...

Haha! I am the same! But I am but learning still, so I have an excuse!
Love the flutterby! xx

MelMel said... the teacup fab it is!


Mrs B said...

thats lovely Mel, thankyou. I am going to sell them on my folksy shop soon! Will be putting link for it on my blog at the end of next week, after my craft stall on wednesday! x

MelMel said...

Good luck...not that you need it really, as all your makes will fly off the table.....they will go down a treat!
Ditto the folksey shop!


P.S..the word verification is saying

Rhiannon said...

Welcome to the world of control freaks - banana bread is always our welcoming gift!

Also, that pincushion is one of the most amazing things ever - love barely covers it!


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