Monday, 2 February 2009

Simple Things....x

'So - what shall we do today?' Believe it or not, those were the exact words (and you can just hear the intonation!) my two and half year old came out with this morning. Once I had picked myself off the floor and dried my tears, I opened the blinds, with a 'ta daaaaaaaaaa' (never one to steer away from the dramatic). Oh the wonder!

Not only was it snowing still, but the sunlight was crisp and crystal clear. It was like living in a snow globe, residing on a cosmic windowsill!

'Can we play in it?' Oh yes my little man - WE can! But first, porridge in tummies (need that inner glow!) and gloves to be sourced from the depths of the coat cupboard! And away we go!

Brrrrrrrr! Back indoors! Obligatory hot chocolate! And on to more snow related fun!

Paper snow flakes, such a seemingly simple activity but watching him open them up was magical. It is true that through a child's eyes you can live again. Things that have lost all meaning through repetition and time, regain a sense of wonder.

Despite appearances ie runny nose and hot chocolate moustache, he teaches me something new every day!


Devon said...

i wish i could be this excited over snow. i sick to death of it! 2 1/2 months so far of snow and i'm sooooooooooooo ready for spring! I do miss the excitment in the uk over things like snow or sunshine or warm weather. But i'll trade that excitment for less rain. I don't miss the rain at all! I hope you guys enjoy the white stuff while you have it, so much fun with children!

MelMel said...

Hello....Thrifty Mrs mentioned your blog to I thought I'd pop by and say hi!

I love Didsbury.....the Junk shop on Burton Rd is one of my fave places....
Nice to meet you!

Mrs B said...

oh Devon you know how it is over here! but it was fun! really like the sounds of your banana muffins!

mel, burton road is the best, supposed to be a new cafe called silver apples, which i adore simply for its name! so nice for you to stop by! hope to hear from you soon x

Nissa Nicole said...

Beautiful little photos! I saw that you were linking to my blog, and I thank you for that! (especially with our hiatus) Can't wait to read more.

Taz said...

You can't beat making your own unmeltable snowflakes. Wee one and I made a load of them to hang in the window at Xmas time and her face was a picture each time she unfolded one. :)

Mrs B said...

Nissa - so nice of you to drop by, I love your photos!

Taz - you are so right, their faces are just a picture! you do forget how simple things are the best!! x

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