Tuesday, 27 January 2009

A Perfect Picnic

The littlest man, woke up on Sunday morning and declared that he wished to go on 'a perfect picnic'.

Now bearing in mind that it is January, the coppers tin has been raided, and the weather is not conducive to 'perfect picnics', this posed some immediate financial and geographical implications! But we were still under the warm fuzzy influence of this beautifully phrased toddler desire, so plans were put into action.

No money for coffee shops - muffins (a la Nigella's Christmas...out of season but still delicious)

No spare cash for cafes - last nights spare sausages were turned into sandwiches. No one wants the rubbish 'heel' sandwich - soup was created from a tin of beans, a tin of tomatoes and good old beef oxo! It was slowly turning into a substantial, if somewhat, eclectic picnic!

So off we went. Getting the train into town was a toddler dream come true and actually cheaper then the bus. We had a lovely journey through the hazy January sunshine, watching back gardens rush by, suburbs turn to city centre.

The Museum of Science and Industry was decided upon, for littlest train fanatic in our family! As if designed, there at the station, surrounded by more grown up (less cute!) train enthusiasts was an old steamie.

Beautiful, we all longed to be sat at one of the bijoux tables, complete with china shaded lamps, being served tea and scones! One day...

So we all pootled round happily, enjoying each others company and finally our 'perfect picnic', eaten off a fabulously bright Vimto table!

And even mummy found some transport to get giddy about. One day....x

KirstyFish - Don't even get me started!! x

Favourite afternoon tea mug!

Us too!! How cute! For the Littlest Man's babinoccino!


MaryPoppins said...

What a perfect picnic, hope to meet you one day :)


thriftymrs said...

Oh looks like a lovely day out!
And lol at the request for the 'perfect picnic.'

KirstyFish said...

hahahhhhaa - you know the blogpost about crockery was def directed at you!!! keep them coming....

Devon said...

jojo and i must be on the same "train" of though, marc and i had picnic together last night! but more of the at home, i don't want to cook variety. i will be posting about it later. looks you guys had lots of fun! and in such style too! x x x

funkymonkey said...

Sounds like it was the perfect picnic. What good ideas your little man has.


Sew Recycled said...

I love days like that, PERFECT!

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