Thursday, 29 January 2009

I feel 'springy'

Springform tin, spring flowers, springy cake, springy sugar rush!! x


Devon said...

oh yum, aren't spring flowers great! I have some yellow tulips in a jug right now that i got for 50% off at the supermarket! love a bargain. your cake looks so pretty and yummy. wish i could jump into the picture and take a big CHOMP!

thriftymrs said...

I am looking for daffs everywhere and can't find any for love nor money.

Taz said...

Spring is certainly acoming. My narsisi (I so can't spell that) are flowering on my windowsill and the birds are tweeting. And it's no longer dark by 4pm.

Surfer Rosa said...

Your cake looks soo scrummy and I love the pink mixing bowl!
Hopefully they'll be some springy weather soon.
Great blog

saraeden said...

That cake looks so good !!

I need some more spring flowers to cheer me up , its all dark and cold here in them hills !!!

Sara x

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