Wednesday, 17 December 2008

itty bitty knitty x

Here is todays creative outlay!! Inspired by a friend's loud, proud, in pub knitting!! Raise your glass and say "I knit!" To pin on your coat, your knitting bag, your hat...proclaim your love of all things woolly!

And....(please be aware I have consumed a lot of coffee today!)

using my perfect lovely matryoshka needle book, designed and hand made by my beautiful friend AKA makes sewing even better! mantel piece decs! note drinking coffee!!

Going to watch Nigella now and think wicked foody all know what I mean! x


Devon said...

oooooo, these are so lovely and cute!! also loving the heart wreath, beautiful fabric! have become a bit of a fabric hoarder of late. will have to find some projects to do with them!

Alix said...

I REALLY wish I was as creative as you are! Your home looks so beautiful - what a wonderful place for your kids to grow up and be inspired by.

Mrs B said...

you are! I know that for a fact! Don't think just do what makes you happy! you'll find it works! xxx

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