Sunday, 14 December 2008

Christmas Puds, Wreaths and Wrapping!

A weekend of warmth, friendship, craft and Christmas has been had in mia casa!

We have shopped with remarkable ease despite the proximity to the big festive day, gift shopping is all but done and the wrapping can commence...whoop (as a lovely lady I know would say!)!

Not wishing this to be a too wordy post after my ponderings over the past few days, just let it be said, that when down and stuck there is no better soul WD40 then time with those you love,

Christmas colours

and 'just one more then...' sherry drenched sweeties (viva Nigella!).


Nati said...

Pretty blog, greetings from Argentinean :)

Mrs B said...

thats so lovely! thankyou x

Devon said...

love the wreath, this is my current favorite colour combination
i wore a top thats the same blue with a red cardy. I think everyone thought i was a bit mad but i love it!

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