Saturday, 30 August 2008

Where have all the croissants gone?

I decided, last night that my virgin journey on The Lady, would be in pursuit of the best morning croissants. Ones of freshly baked splendour, perhaps created by a Swiss Artisan (we do actually have a master baker in our little part of the Big City). Ones usually far out of reach of little legs, in such far flung climes, as West Didsbury!

What a uplifting way to start the day, blowing away last nights pints of bitter cobwebs!

Are the people who work in early morning roles; shop keepers, green grocers and bakers, more ready and willing to smile and be jovial first thing in the morning? From my experience it would appear so!

The greengrocer, smiled hello as I pushed my bike along the path to aforementioned Swiss Bakers and asked how my baby was. The lovely Croatian waiters in the deli, sadly reported that they had no croissants, but were charming all the same. The man in the bakers in West Didsbury signed through the window, that they weren't open yet, with a big grin and a laugh at my signing of 'no watch'. At my last stop at the deli on Lapwing Lane, I met an octogenarian, who thought the Lady, really was a Lady! He was as in love with her as I am, and we spent a truly enjoyable five minutes admiring her sheer elegance! Admirable so early in the morning! As I left him, he requested, with the cheeky charm that only age allows you to get away with, that I add a seat to the back and he could wheel around with me. For only ten more years he assured me! I think he has a few more than that!

So, in all this cycling and meeting and smiling, where are the beautiful, light, fresh, still warm and ready for a pot of coffee, croissants? No one had any! I wondered to myself, what time and place is this? Are we in Kansas anymore, Toto? The Swiss Bakers was inexplicably closed, the bakers in West Didsbury were not ready, the Deli in Didsbury had not one! Surely I wasn't going to have to resort to supermarket fair?

No, my Octagenarian friend, was in the process of delivering some shining examples of our crescent shaped holy grail! And pain au chocolate that weren't to be resisted! 'I still work' he declared proudly!

So hear I sit with big man and little man...

sharing my prizes, reading the paper in chummy silence!

Good Morning! Indeed it is so far!

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