Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Well here we go....it is my intention that this blog will be a celebration of all that is good with the world.  I want it, most days to be a joy to write and on the days that it isn't, to be a challenged to change my thinking, to see that no matter what, you can find something beautiful, comforting, joyful and fun around or within your world.

Drop in a see me, there is always a nice cup of tea here!


Kirsty Fish x said...

MrsB .... is that you?
Got a blog? YYYEEEHHHH
you'll have an etsy shop next and all will be great!
I cannot wait to read this as it gets going ... LOVe you tooooo xxxxxx

Mrs B said...

haaaaaa! you found me! I am being rubbish and slack, I am starting today!! xx

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