Tuesday, 26 August 2008

A List

I know this is the second post of the day...which I must say is very typical Mrs B, do nothing, just sit on the brink pondering, postulating, pontificating and then jump and a flurry of activity!  Hopefully this will become a new life habit for me.  Already I can feel a change in the way I think towards this new space in my conscious.  As I go through the day the things I see and do are becoming food for thought...oh perhaps a future post...food for thought/ thoughts for food? Mentally composing my blog entries, as said to write a diary is to live twice.

The reason for my second post of the day, is that I want to organise a fab thirtieth birthday event that I remember in the years to come, one that includes as many of my wonderful friends as possible, good food, music, dancing and things to do to make us laugh together.

So instead of my initial plan to hunt out pen and paper I am going to use this 'my space'.

Here we go in no particular order or likelihood....


The Big Knit - crafty friends together to knit, drink and eat nice things....knit a patch, any design, any colour, size and shape, at the end put all squares together, a true friendship creation!

Baby Loves Disco - in the borrowed marquee, a dance for all my lovely mummy friends and their yummy, funky, springy toddlers!

Crafty event for toddlers....my lovely fish, you know I am fishing for your talents! Decorating fairy cakes, put together to make birthday centre piece?

A shared dinner....bring a favourite food?

A guest appearance from oz, my talented brother in law...vocals for the Smitten.

Dancing, dancing, dancing!

Husbands contribution...beeeeeeeeeeeeeeer fest!

Film night - projected film, in marquee, bean bags, blankets, slippers, popcorn, ice cream, prerequisite argument over film choice!

Any other creative, friendly, inspiring ideas, help me out!

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