Tuesday, 26 August 2008

I want to ride my bicycle...

Here she is, my latest acquisition from ebay.

                                                       Such a lady!  

At the moment she stands elegantly in my dining room, which my husband finds enormously comical.  But I stand firm, for the moment I am content to look at her.  As I run around the house, chasing my babies 
and mopping mystery sticky toddler goop off the floor, I ride along on imaginary jaunts!  

The possibility
of spinning along any path, road, riverside, hilltop in my head is as worthwhile a past time, it seems to me, as the reality of Wilmslow road, crazy busdrivers and helmet hair!  In my whirring imagination, I am tinkling round Parisian streets, my basket (truly vintage, it was found in Pop's barn, having belonged to my own mother, as a teenager....where did she ride, what did she carry home in this same basket??)
full of dahlias, wearing a glorious outfit that would of course, include the ubiquitous ballet pumps, trench coat and full skirt, un-besmudged by pedal marks, mancunian puddles, or forementioned toddler goop! Or I may change my destination, the dreamers perogative, and whizz through the bustling streets of Rome, waving caio to my friend Mario and his beautiful wife, Francesca...buying flowers...on the way to a friends alfresco lunch!!  Or perhaps a gently winding street, in the English coutryside, where summers are still summers, with strawberries and bubbles in my the inherited wicker, decked out in florals! Yes for now, I go anywhere....

It won't be long before I have located a bike lock and helmet, and then...well, who knows! x 

1 comment:

Kirsty Fish x said...

Tres Chic MrsB
I too have a vintage bike of similar standard. On one or two days, we might ride together? (children with the nanny...) ? x

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